Goldwell and benni tognini at industry

Benni Tognini brought colour to the catwalk and wowed at Industry  

There are hairdressers, and then there is Benni Tognini - a man who has inspired an entire generation of stylists, and continues to do so today. Considered the father of avant-garde hairdressing, Benni was a guest of Goldwell at Industry 2015 and created a one-hour seminar showcasing the performance and potential of Goldwell's innovative colour collection, Color Zoom.

Featuring a group of handpicked models and inspired by Color Zoom's ‘Traditional Rebels’ 2015 trend, it featured rich, vibrant and surprising colour mixes as well as bold, fresh cuts. A global judge of Goldwell Color Zoom and Goldwell Master, Tognini’s modus operandi is very much in line with Goldwell’s own – “inspiring stylists, every day”. As Australia’s most awarded Hairdresser and Educator, his dedication, passion and talent have made him stand out as one of the most well known, innovative and exciting masters of the craft, and he bought this to life on stage at Industry. “My goal was to go onstage and celebrate Goldwell, and really re-introduce it to New Zealand,” says Tognini. “We took ‘Traditional Rebels’ and made it our own, because working with Goldwell I don’t ever feel like I have to replicate someone else’s work, I just take an idea and put a twist to it that suits my own talents.”

In addition to creating and finishing several signature cuts and colour looks on the catwalk he also re-created a magazine cover he had worked on, which was an inspiring example of true avant-garde style. The legendary stylist says that coming into winter he can definitely see dialed down versions of the cuts and colours he presented on the catwalk filtering down into salons throughout New Zealand and the world, “in particular deep, blood reds that are much more universally flattering than more fiery shades and oranges”.  Colour is much more true than the washed out shades of lilac and pink so prevalent over the last couple of years, with Tognini emphasising “subtleness, but using more primary tones. We want to create something other than the solid shades clients can do themselves, and Goldwell colour allows us to do that.”

Benni was joined onstage by Goldwell Education Director Rita Marcon, who worked on the concept for the show alongside the Australian super stylist. With a career at Goldwell spanning an amazing 18 years she is passionate about evolution, and inspiring others to embark on their own: “we are stylists and our industry is never standing still”. She says that her focus for the fast-paced Industry seminar was the Goldwell re-branding exercise as merged with the Color Zoom ‘Traditional Rebels’ campaign. “We really wanted to bring colour to life in a really dynamic way,” she says, “which involved creating strong haircuts and applying colour to them with an equally strong approach.” Marcon noted that many in the audience had never seen the powerful colour options of Goldwell before, and she added “we really wanted to take it to a new level and show what can be achieved. We played with saturated colours and clashing looks and hope they will inspire New Zealand stylists to get creative with their colour, either in salon at consumer level or after hours on editorial shoots or just having fun.”

“When we get bored we get boring,” adds the education guru, “so Goldwell is dedicated to keeping stylists excited and challenged every day of their lives. What we are is about celebrating hair and those that work with it.”