Offer perfect long-lasting color results without oxidation and without ammonia

Up to 76% more color intensity compared to oxidising permanent hair colors*

Up to 37% more shine compared to an intensive toner**

* Based on a Chroma measurement on level 10 hair when compared to conventional oxidising colors of salon-exclusive competitors. ** Measured on NG@6 and compared to demi-permanent hair colors fo leading salon-exclusive competitors.

Apply Elumen Prepare to bleached and/or highlifted hair to improve color intensity and durability.
Apply Elumen Color accurately using brush and bowl or the Elumen Applicator Bottle. Remove any skin stains using Elumen Clean.
Finish the Elumen Service with Elumen Wash and Elumen Lock to extend the durability of the Elumen color. To reduce the brightness or re-move the Elumen shade use Elumen Return.
Recommend Elumen Wash, Elumen Care and Elumen Treat to maintain the stunning Elumen results.


Apply Elumen for brilliance, color directions and vibrant reflects

Apply Elumen on bleached or highlifted hair to increase color intensity and durability; the lighter the level the more intense Elumen colors will appear

Apply Elumen Clear on any hair (color-treated or natural) to boost the glossiness and improve the healthy appearance

How to use

  • Hair: Dry




    Hair: Towel Dry

  • Apply With Brush



    Apply With Applicator

  • Without Heat



    With Heat

  • Rinse

  • Apply Wash

  • Hair: Towel-Dry

  • Apply Lock

  • At the basin

  • Rinse

  • Care Product

  • Home Care




All Elumen shades are intermixable and suitable for all techniques

Depending on the service, Elumen can be applied onto dry or towel-dry hair

It is not compulsory to use Elumen Lock when working with Elumen Light shades on bleached or highlifted hair